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The Critics Group
Ye Mariners All
ZDA 138
12-inch LP
1. Ja Ja Ja (pumping shanty) - Dick Snell and chorus
2. The Indian Lass - Brian Pearson (Dick Snell: whistle; Peggy Seeger: concertina; Sandra Kerr: guitar; John Faulkner: fiddle)
3. The Cruel Ship's Captain - Ewan MacColl (appears on other albums)
4. Paddy Get Back (capstain shanty) - Aldwyn Cooper and chorus
5. Jack The Jolly Tar - Ewan MacColl and chorus (Peggy Seeger: concertina)
6. The Ship In Distress - Terry Yarnell (appears on other albums)
7. Cheer'ly Man (halyard shanty) - Ewan MacColl and chorus
8. The Spanish Fight - Brian Pearson (Peggy Seeger: dulcimer; Sandra Kerr: whistle; John Faulkner: fiddle)
9. Andrew Rose - Terry Yarnell and chorus (John Faulkner: fiddle)
10. Bangidero (capstain shanty) - John Faulkner and chorus
11. The Mermaid (Child 289) - Ewan MacColl (appears on other albums)
12. Goodbye, Fare You Well (capstain shanty) - Dick Snell and chorus (Peggy Seeger: concertina; John Faulkner: fiddle; Sandra Kerr: whistle)
13. The Bold Princess Royal - John Faulkner (appears on other albums)
14. Clear The Track (capstain shanty) - Ewan MacColl and chorus
15. Captain Ward And The Rainbow - Ewan MacColl (John Faulkner: fiddle) (appears on other albums)
16. The Sea Martyrs - Terry Yarnell; John Faulkner; Dick Snell
17. Cruising Round Yarmouth - Phil Colclough and chorus
18. Ye Mariners All - John Faulkner
19. Galloping Randy Dandy Oh (capstain shanty) - Ewan MacColl and chorus
20. Leave Her Johnny (capstain shanty) - Ewan MacColl and chorus (appears on other albums)
Ewan MacColl, Aldwyn Cooper, John Faulkner, Brian Pearson, Dick Snell, Terry Yarnell, Phil Colclough
Accompanied by: Peggy Seeger dulcimer, concertina
John Faulkner, fiddle
Sandra Kerr guitar, whistle
Dick Snell, whistle
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