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The Critics Group
ZFB 68
12-inch LP
1. With Henry Hunt We'll Go
2. The Lancashire Lads
3. The Labouring Man
4. Jone 'O Grinfilt
5. Humphrey Hardfeatures
6. Van Deimans Land
7. The Death of Parker
8. Drink Old England Dry
9. The Battle of Waterloo
10. Boney Was a Warrior
11. The Victory
12. The Dudley Boys
13. Keepers and Poachers
14. I Should Like to Be a Policeman
15. The Way to Live
16. Hand Loom Weavers Lament
Vocals: Frankie Armstrong, John Faulkner, Brian Pearson, Denis Turner, Terry Yarnell
John Faulkner: Mandolin, English Concertina
Sandra Kerr: Guitar, Dulcimer, Tin whistle, Spoons
Jim O'Connor: Drums & other percussion
Peggy Seeger: Guitar
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