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The Critics Group
As We Were a-Sailing
ZDA 137
12-inch LP
1. Slave Ho (fragment of capstan shanty) - Aldwyn Cooper and Chorus
2. Billy Riley (halyard shanty) - John Faulkner and Chorus
3. Sir Francis Drake - John Faulkner and Terry Yarnell; Peggy Seeger, Sandra Kerr: guitars
4. Farewell To Tarwhathie - Ewan MacColl; Peggy Seeger:concertina
5. The New York Trader - John Faulkner; Sandra Kerr: dulcimer
6. Sailing Over The Dogger Bank - Aldwyn Cooper and Chorus; Peggy Seeger:concertina
7. The Bold Pirate - Dick Snell unaccompanied
8. The Alabama (halyard shanty) - Terry Yarnell and Chorus
9. So Handy (halyard shanty) - Brian Pearson and Chorus
10. The Flying Cloud - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
11. The North Sea Holes - Ewan MacColl and Chorus; Peggy Seeger, Sandra Kerr: guitars; John Faulkner:mandolin (appears on other albums)
12. Loss Of The Ramillies - Brian Pearson unaccompanied
13. As We Were a-Sailing - John Faulkner unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
14. The Press Gang - Terry Yarnell; Peggy Seeger:concertina; Sandra Kerr: whistle (appears on other albums)
15. The Dockyard Gate - Dick Snell; Peggy Seeger: banjo; John Faulkner: fiddle (appears on other albums)
16. Bottle-O (halyard shanty) - Terry Yarnell and Chorus
17. Long Time Ago (halyard shanty) - John Faulkner and Chorus
18. Nancy Of Yarmouth - Ewan MacColl; Peggy Seeger:concertina (appears on other albums)
19. John Dameray (short-haul shanty) - Brian Pearson and Chorus
20. Bold Benjamin - Terry Yarnell and Chorus (appears on other albums)
Ewan MacColl, Aldwyn Cooper, John Faulkner, Brian Pearson, Dick Snell, Terry Yarnell
John Faulkner mandolin, fiddle
Sandra Kerr guitar, dulcimer, whistle
Peggy Seeger guitar, concertina, banjo

Shanties and Forbitters
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