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Peggy Seeger
From Where I Stand
FW 8563
12-inch LP
1. Up in Wisconsin (appears on other albums)
2. Draglines
3. Voices from the Mountains (appears on other albums)
4. Please Mr. Reagan
5. Grape Pickers Tragedy
6. Take the Children and Run
7. Third Shift
8. Cargo of Dread
9. Black Lung
10. Taft-Hartley
11. Aragon Mill
12. Agent Orange
13. Enough is Enough
14. Thoughts of Time (appears on other albums)
Sung by Peggy Seeger
Vocals: Kitty MacColl, Ewan MacColl, Calum MacColl, Neill MacColl
Peggy Seeger guitar, concertina, banjo, autoharp, piano
Neill MacColl guitar, mandolin
Calum MacColl guitar, bowed psaltery

Topical songs from America and England;

Digital download (mp3 or lossless) or a custom CD is available from Smithsonian Folkways