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Ewan MacColl
The Definitive Collection
HPO 6006
1. The Manchester Angel (appears on other albums)
2. To the Beggin' I Will Go
3. Sheepcrook and Black Dog (appears on other albums)
4. Fourpence a Day (appears on other albums)
5. Oh Dear Me (appears on other albums)
6. The Collier Laddie (appears on other albums)
7. The Carlton Weaver
8. Morrissey and the Russian Sailor (appears on other albums)
9. Turpin Hero (appears on other albums)
10. Jimmy Wilson (appears on other albums)
11. The Black Velvet Band (appears on other albums)
12. Hughie the Graeme (appears on other albums)
13. The Baron O' Brackley (appears on other albums)
14. Whae's Me For Prince Charlie
15. The Sheepstealers
16. Farewell to Sicily (appears on other albums)
17. The Young Trooper Cut Down in His Prime (appears on other albums)
18. The Press Gang (appears on other albums)
19. The Sweet Kumadie (appears on other albums)
20. Homeward Bound (appears on other albums)

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 15, 18, 20 are from The Manchester Angel;
Tracks 4 - 7 are from Steam Whistle Ballads;
Track 8 is from Bold Sportsmen All: Gamblers and Sporting Blades;
Tracks 9 - 11 are from Chorus From the Gallows;
Track 14 is from The Jacobite Rebellions;
Tracks 16, 17 are from Bundook Ballads;
Tracks 12, 13, 19 are from English and Scottish Folk Ballads;
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