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Ewan MacColl
The English And Scottish Popular Ballads, Vol.2, F.J. Child Ballads
FG 3510
12-inch LP
1. The Beggar Man (Child Appendix 279) (appears on other albums)
2. Lord Gregory (The Lass of Roch Royan, Child 76) (appears on other albums)
3. Young Beichan (Child 53) (appears on other albums)
4. Glasgow Peggy (Child 228) (appears on other albums)
5. Amang the Blue Flowers and the Yellow (Willie's Lyke-Wake) (appears on other albums)
6. Bessie Bell and Mary Grey (Child 201)
7. The Bonnie House O' Airlie (Child 199)
8. Captain Ward and the Rainbow (Child 287) (appears on other albums)
9. The Gypsy Laddie (Child 200) (appears on other albums)
10. The Broomfield Hill (Child 43) (appears on other albums)
11. Hughie Graeme (Child 191) (appears on other albums)
12. Geordie (Child 209) (appears on other albums)
13. Proud Lady Margaret (Child 47)
14. The Sweet Kumadee (The Sweet Trinity, Child 286) (appears on other albums)
Ewan MacColl, unaccompanied
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