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Ewan MacColl
The English And Scottish Popular Ballads (Child Ballads), Vol.1
FG 3509
12-inch LP
1. Johnnie O'Breadisley (Johnie Cock, Child 114) (appears on other albums)
2. The Dowie Dens O'Yarrow (Child 214) (appears on other albums)
3. Lord Randall (Child 12) (appears on other albums)
4. Sir Patrick Spens (Child 58) (appears on other albums)
5. The Burning of Auchendoun (Child 183) (appears on other albums)
6. Oud Goodman (Our Gudeman, Child 274)
7. The Rantin Laddie (Child 240) (appears on other albums)
8. Bawbee Allan (Barbara Allen, Child 84) (appears on other albums)
9. The Brown Girl (Lord Thomas and Fair Annet, Child 73)
10. The Three Ravens (Child 26) (appears on other albums)
11. The Bonnie Earl O' Murray (Child 181) (appears on other albums)
12. The Battle of Harlaw (Child 163) (appears on other albums)
13. Thomas Rhymer (Thomas Rymour, Child 37) (appears on other albums)
Ewan MacColl, unaccompanied
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