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The London Critics Group con Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
Living Folk
VPA 8093
12-inch LP
1. Broomfield Hill (appears on other albums)
2. Strawberry Town
3. I'm a Girl of Constant Sorrow
4. The Driver's Song (appears on other albums)
5. Sweet Trinity (appears on other albums)
6. Lucy Wan (appears on other albums)
7. The Doffin Mistress (appears on other albums)
8. Single Girl
9. The Dirty Union Leaders
10. Song of Choice (appears on other albums)
11. Johnny Sands (appears on other albums)
12. Irish Dance Music
13. Sea Shanties
14. The Whale Catchers
15. We'll Rant and We'll Roar (appears on other albums)
16. The Crooked Cross (appears on other albums)
17. Ballad of Ho Chi Minh (appears on other albums)
18. Oh, Brother, Did You Weep?
Sandra Kerr, John Faulkner, Terry Yarnell, Denis Turner, Brian Pearson, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger
Instruments: guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, autoharp, tin whistle, concertina, percussions

Recorded April 24, 1968 at the Teatro Lirico in Milan, Italy;

Was reissued on CD by some label, but yet seems to be unavailable already
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