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Until now (August 2009) there was no special place in the Internet where a person interested in rare Ewan MacColl recordings could see the track list, album cover or other information.
This site was created in order to fulfil this gap.

While creating this site we used the famous list of Ewan's recordings, created by John Ross which seems to be the most complete one, and also the discography on Peggy Seeger's site
A great help to this site was A.L.Lloyd's discography, created by Reinhard Zierke, Quentin Kean's Argo records catalogue and Jimmy MacGregor's discography by Nick Guida.
Thank you all very much!

This discography lists all (or at least all known to the creator of the site) of Ewan MacColl's releases, except for the singles and some of not very important "VA" compilations.

You cannot purchase Ewan MacColl's recordings here, but you can do it on these sites:
Camsco Music (Lots of releases in their catalogue, including very rare ones, issued by Camsco themselves)
Topic Records (All Radio Ballads and several albums and compilations)
Smithsonian Global Sound (mp3 files or CD-Rs of all Ewan's LPs ever produced by Smithsonian Folkways)
Ossian records (Five albums of Scottish songs)
Peggy Seeger's site (Some reissues, all of them can be obtained from Camsco Records)
Still there are many releases which can be purchased only on a used LP in case you have some luck.
To see the list of currently available recordings click "Available Releases" here on the left.

If you want to learn more about Ewan MacColl, you'd better start here.

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