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Various Artists
Poetry And Song, Vol.11
DA 60
12-inch LP
Side One
Band 1
1. Sweet Thames Flow Softly (MacColl) - Ewan MacColl, voice, with chorus and guitar (appears on other albums)
2. Say Nay! Say Nay! (Sir Thomas Wyatt) - Richard Johnson
3. Heartburn (Lady Otomo no Sakanoue) - Prunella Scales
4. Since There’s No Help (Michael Drayton) - Tony Church
5. I’m Sad and I’m Lonely (trad ballad) - Peggy Seeger, unaccompanied
Band 2
6. Cleopatra on the Cydrius (Shakespeare) - Patrick Wymark
7. Go lovely Rose (Edmund Waller) - Tony Church
8. My True-Love Hath My Heart (Sydney) - Prunella Scales
9. Shall I Compare Thee (Shakespeare) - Gary Watson
10. O Mistress Mine (Shakespeare)
11. To Celia (Ben Johnson) - Richard Johnson
12. Meeting at Night (Robert Browning) - William Squire
Band 3
13. The Host of the Air (W.B. Yeats) - Eamon Keane
14. As You Came from the Holy Land (Sir Walter Raleigh) - Richard Johnson / Gary Watson
15. My Lady Greensleeves (trad folk song) - John Faulkner, plus recorders
16. An Epitaph (de la Mare) - Tony Church
Side Two
Band 1
17. Sandgate Dandling Song (trad folk) - Sandra Kerr vocal, plus guitar
18. There Was a Child Went Forth (Whitman) - Richard Johnson
19. The Salutation (Thomas Traherene) - Tony Church
20. Adolescence (Patricia Bradley) - Prunella Scales
21. Private Countries (Michael Woodhead) - Tony Church
22. Painting Pictures Out of Words (John Vaughan) - Gary Watson
Band 2
23. To My Sister (Wordsworth) - Peter Orr
24. Death of a Peasant (R.S Thomas) - William Squire
25. Spring (G.M. Hopkins) - Barbara Jefford
26. Be 'Mi'ster (William Barnes) - Laurie Lee
Band 3
27. When That Aprille with His Shoures Sote (Chaucer) - Gary Watson
28. Sumer is Icumen In (anon) - The Critics Group chorus and instrumental
29. Milkmaid (Laurie Lee) - Laurie Lee
30. Our Hold on the Planet (Robert Frost) - Patrick Wymark
31. The Moor (R.S. Thomas) - William Squire
32. In a Wood (Hardy) - Michael Hordern
Band 4
33. Thornably Woods (trad folk) - Ewan MacColl vocal, with concertina
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Thanks to Quentin Kean for the information from his Argo catalogue site.