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Various Artists
Poetry And Song, Vol.1
DA 50
12-inch LP
Side One
Band 1
1. Passing T’ien Men (Po Chu-i) - Patrick Wymark
2. Upon Westminster Bridge (William Wordsworth) - Richard Johnson
3. Nature (Gillian Wallington) - Prunella Scales
4. If I had a hammer (Pete Seeger/Lee Hays) - Peggy Seeger vocals, with chorus and guitar
5. Leisure (W.H. Davies) - William Squire
6. Thrushes (Humbert Wolfe) - Prunella Scales
7. The Lark in the Morn (Unknown) - Frankie Armstrong unaccompanied
Band 2
8. A Minor Bird (Robert Frost) - Patrick Wymark
9. Spring Comes (John Clare) - Gary Watson
10. Salford Maypole Song (Unknown) - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied
Band 3
11. A Widow’s Weeds (Walter de la Mare) - Prunella Scales
12. Inversnaid (Gerald Manley Hopkins) - Barbara Jefford
13. Black Jack Davy (Unknown) - Peggy Seeger vocals, with banjo accompaniment (appears on other albums)
14. Weathers (Thomas Hardy) - Michael Hordern
15. A Hot Day (A.S.J. Tessimond) - Barbara Jefford
16. Rich Days (W.H. Davies) - William Squire
Band 4
17. Prelude (J.M. Synge) - Eamon Keane
18. The Lake Isle of Innisfree (W.B. Yeats) - Eamon Keane
19. Hot Asphalt (Ewan MacColl) - Paul Lenihan with chorus and instrumental ensemble (appears on other albums)
20. On the Bromielaw Quay (Unknown) - Eamon Keane
21. The Londoner in the Country (Richard Church) - Tony Church
Side Two
Band 1
22. Puffing Billy (Christopher Hassall) - Peter Orr
23. Poor Paddy (Unknown) - Paul Lenihan
24. Night Mail (W.H. Auden) - Patrick Wymark
25. The Bridge (J. Redwood Anderson) - Tony Church
26. Fireman’s Calypso (Ewan MacColl) - Ted Culver vocals, with guitar accompaniment
Band 2
27. Henry King (Hilaire Belloc) - Patrick Wymark
28. A Cautionary Tale (J.A. Lindon) - Patrick Wymark
29. In the dark, dark world (Unknown) - Prunella Scales
30. Polka (Edith Sitwell) - Prunella Scales
31. Musician’s Lament (David Mowbray) - Prunella Scales
32. Diddling (James Reeves) - Michael Hordern
Band 3
33. Old Blue (Unknown) - Peggy Seeger vocals, with banjo accompaniment
34. The Giraffe (Geoffrey Dearmer) - Patrick Wymark
35. The Porcupine (Ogden Nash) - Tony Church
36. Skewball (Unknown) - A.L. Lloyd vocals, with guitar accompaniment (appears on other albums)
37. Lament for a Loved Horse (Elizabeth du Preez) - Prunella Scales
38. Poor Old Man (Unknown) - Terry Yarnell vocals, with chorus and concertina
39. To a Butterfly (William Wordsworth) - Barbara Jefford
40. Butterflies (Clive Sansom) - Gary Watson
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Thanks to Quentin Kean for the information from his Argo catalogue site.