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Various Artists
Poetry And Song, Vol.9
DA 58
12-inch LP
Side One
Band 1
1. The Drum (John Scott) - Barbara Jefford
2. At Fifteen I Went With the Army (Unknown) - Patrick Wymark
3. Conquerors (Hemry Treece) - William Squire
4. Higher Germany (Unknown) - Frankie Armstrong unaccompanied
Band 2
5. The General (Siegfried Sassoon) - Michael Hordern
6. Lost in France (Ernest Rhys) - William Squire
7. Futility (Wilfred Owen) - Richard Johnson
8. War’s Folly (Anacreon of Teos) - William Squire
9. Under the Hazy, Blossom-Laden Sky (Okamoto Jun) - Prunella Scales
10. Miners (Wilfred Owen) - Richard Johnson
Band 3
11. The Blantyre Explosion (Unknown) - Paul Lenihan unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
12. The Old Workman (Thomas Hardy) - Tony Church
13. A Bushman’s Song (A.B. Paterson) - A.L. Lloyd unaccompanied
14. The Dead Swagman (Nancy Cato) - Gary Watson
15. Waltzing Matilda (A.B. Paterson) - A.L. Lloyd with chorus and instrumental accompaniment
Band 4
16. Henry Martin (Unknown) - Terry Yarnell unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
17. Port of Holy Peter (John Masefield) - Richard Johnson
Side Two
Band 1
18. The Flying Cloud (Unknown) - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
19. Cape Horn Gospel (John Masefield) - Gary Watson
20. Haul Away, Joe (Unknown) - Terry Yarnell and chorus
21. Fog (Crosbie Garstin) - Patrick Wymark
22. We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar (Taicahuano Girls, Unknown) - Terry Yarnell with chorus and concertina (appears on other albums)
Band 2
23. How to Treat Elves (Morris Bishop) - Prunella Scales
24. Welsh Incident (Robert Graves) - William Squire
Band 3
25. The Magic of Names (Unknown) - Various
26. The Reverend Eli Jenkins’s Verse (Dylan Thomas) - William Squire
27. Names of Trades (Ewan MacColl) - Ewan MacColl with vocal and instrumental backing
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