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Various Artists
Poetry And Song, Vol.8
DA 57
12-inch LP
Side One
Band 1
1. Tottie (Sims) - Terry Yarnell vocal, guitar (appears on other albums)
2. To Be Or Not To Be (anon) - Laurie Lee
3. The Rolling English Road (Chesterton) - Richard Johnson
Band 2
4. Cats (Tessimond) - Gary Watson
5. A Narrow Fellow in the Grass (Emily Dickinson) - Barbara Jefford
6. Snake (Lawrence) - William Squire
Band 3
7. A Considerable Speck (Frost) - Patrick Wymark
8. They Say Love Rules the World (Abbott) - Richard Johnson
9. From Windsor Forest (Pope) - Gary Watson
10. On Finding Racks of Butterflies (Prentice) - Richard Johnson
11. Butterfly (Shigeji) - William Squire
Band 4
12. The Caged Bird in Springtime (Kirkup) - William Squire
13. How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird (Prevert) - Richard Johnson
14. Freedom (Griggs) - Prunella Scales
15. The Thing (Roethke) - William Squire
Side Two
Band 1
16. To the Cuckoo (Wordsworth) - Tony Church
17. The Pettichap’s Nest (Clare) - Gary Watson
18. A Blackbird Singing (R.S. Thomas) - William Squire
19. Proud Songsters (Hardy) - Prunella Scales
20. The Bird Song (anon) - Prunella Scales
21. The Bird (George Macbeth) - Peter Orr
Band 2
22. Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave? (Hardy) - Barbara Jefford
23. Barbara Allen (anon trad) - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
24. I Pass By In Silence (Clare) - Gary Watson
25. Passing By (anon) - William Squire
26. To Mistress Margaret Hussey (Skelton) - Laurie Lee
Band 3
27. True Thomas (anon trad) - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied
Band 4
28. John Riley (anon trad) - Peggy Seeger, vocal and dulcimer
Band 5
29. The Baron O’ Brackley (anon trad) - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
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Thanks to Quentin Kean for the information from his Argo catalogue site.