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Various Artists
Poetry And Song, Vol.6
DA 55
12-inch LP
Side One
Band 1
1. The Revenge (Alfred Lord Tennyson) - Tony Church
Band 2
2. A Protest in the 6th Year of Chi’en Fu (Arthur Waley) - Richard Johnson
3. Henry V Before Harfleur (William Shakespeare) - Gary Watson
4. After Blenheim (Robert Southey) - William Squire
Band 3
5. Song of Samuel Sweet (Charles Causley) - Tony Church
Band 4
6. The Bonny Earl of Moray (Unknown) - Ewan MacColl unaccompanied
7. The Quarry (W.H. Auden) - ?
8. Pibroch of Donuil Dhu (Sir Walter Scott) - Ewan MacColl
Side Two
Band 1
9. Hate (David Eva) - Gary Watson
10. The Wound (Charles Martin) - William Squire
11. The Send-Off (Wilfred Owen) - Richard Johnson
12. Geordie (Unknown) - Sandra Kerr unaccompanied (appears on other albums)
13. The Colour (Thomas Hardy) - Barbara Jefford
Band 2
14. Sleep (William Shakespeare) - Peter Orr
15. To Sleep (William Wordsworth) - Tony Church
16. The Ballad of Father Gilligan (W.B. Yeats) - Eamon Keane
17. In Church (William Barnes) - Laurie Lee
Band 3
18. David’s Lament over Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel Chapter 1) - Peter Orr
Band 4
19. King Herod and the Cock (Unknown) - A.L. Lloyd unaccompanied
20. The Oxen (Thomas Hardy) - Michael Hordern
21. The Seven Joys (Unknown) - Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge
22. The Lamb (William Blake) - Prunella Scales
23. Balulalow (Unknown) - Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge
24. The Donkey (G.K. Chesterton) - Patrick Wymark
25. The Donkey’s Owner (Clive Sansom) - Gary Watson
26. This Happy New Year (Unknown) - Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge
27. God Be in My Head (Unknown) - Prunella Scales
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Thanks to Quentin Kean for the information from his Argo catalogue site.