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Various Artists
Poetry And Song, Vol.3
DA 52
12-inch LP
Side One
Band 1
1. Spells (James Reeves) - William Squire / Peter Orr
2. Over Hill, Over Dale (Willaim Shakespeare) - Prunella Scales
3. The Bugle (Allfred Lord Tennyson) - Michael Hordern
4. Away Go We (Walter de la Mare) - Barbara Jefford
5. The Moonlit Stream (James Reeves) - Michael Hordern
Band 2
6. Romance (Walter James Turner) - Patrick Wymark
7. Interruption (Elizabeth du Preez) - Prunella Scales
8. The Bookworm (Walter de la Mare) - Peter Orr
9. A Wanderer’s Song (John Masefield) - Tony Church
Band 3
10. Sir Patrick Spens (Unknown) (appears on other albums)
Band 4
11. From the Ballad of the Kon-Tiki (Ian Serrailler) - Tony Church
12. Three Fishers (Charles Kingsley) - Patrick Wymark
13. Spurn Light (J. Redwood Anderson) - William Squire
14. Flannan Isle (Wilfrid Gibson) - Richard Johnson
Side Two
Band 1
15. The Mermaid (Unknown) - Peggy Seeger (appears on other albums)
16. To Drown (Willaim Shakespeare) - Tony Church
17. The Sweet Trinity (Unknown) - John Faulkner and Sandra Kerr vocals, with chorus (appears on other albums)
18. Stormalong (Unknown) - John Faulkner and chorus (appears on other albums)
Band 2
19. The Deserted House (Mary Coleridge) - Barbara Jefford
20. The Forest Fire (Sir C.G.D. Roberts) - William Squire
Band 3
21. The Twelve Apostles (Unknown) - Peggy Seeger and chorus
Band 4
22. St Patrick’s Breastplate (trans C.F. Alexander) - Patrick Wymark
23. Pilgrim’s Song (John Bunyan) - Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge
24. From A Song to David (Christofer Smart) - Patrick Wymark
25. For Unto Us a Child is Born (Isaiah, Chap. 9) - Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge
26. For Sleep or Death (Ruth Pitter) - Prunella Scales
27. Psalm 23 (Bible) - Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge
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Thanks to Quentin Kean for the information from his Argo catalogue site.