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Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd
Whaler Out Of New Bedford
FS 3850,FW 3850
12-inch LP
1. Whaler Out of New Bedford: A Musical Score from the Film
Songs of the Whaling Era
2. The Fitting Out - Ewan MacColl
3. Boney - A.L.Lloyd
4. The Bark Gay Head - Ewan MacColl
5. The Boston-Come-All-Ye - Peggy Seeger
6. The Coast of Peru - Ewan MacColl (appears on other albums)
7. Mary Ann - Peggy Seeger
8. Desolation - Ewan MacColl
9. A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore - Ewan MacColl
10. Homeward Bound - Ewan MacColl (appears on other albums)
Ewan MacColl, A.L. Lloyd, Peggy Seeger, vocals
Louis Killen, Charles Parker, Joe Higgins, John Reavey, Ian Logan, chorus
Peggy Seeger, banjo, guitar, autoharp
Alf Edwards, concertina, oracina
Dave Swarbrick, fiddle

Full title:
Musical score from the film "Whaler Out Of New Bedford" based on the original panorama of a whaling voyage round the world and other songs of the whaling era.
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