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Alf Edwards
The Art of the Concertina
PR-INT 13060
Side A
1. Two Scottish Country Dances
2. Three Irish Jigs
3. Morpeth Rant
4. The Shoals Of Herrin' (appears on other albums)
5. Three Scottish Jigs
6. My Lodging's In The Cold Cold Ground
7. Go To Berwick, Johnie
8. Epping Forest
9. Jack A Tar
Side B
10. Two Scottish Reels and a Strathspey (a. Miss Wedderburn, b. The Bridge Of Bammor, c. Early Gray)
11. Captain John's Hornpipe (Irish)
12. Blue Cap
13. P.S. Country Dance
14. Lassie Lie Near Me
15. Jackie Caten (Northumbrian)
16. The Blackbird (Irish)
17. Three Scottish Hornpipes (a. Cooper's Hornpipe, b. Evans' Hornpipe, c. Jenkins' Hornpipe)
18. The Humours of Bandon (Irish)
19. Four Irish Jigs (a. Old Jerry Doyle, b. The Ball At The Hop, c. The Lady In The Boat, d. Rosin The Bow)
Peggy Seeger: banjo, guitar
Ewan MacColl: vocals on "The Shoals Of Herring" and "Lassie Lie Near Me"
Thanks to Alistair Banfield for the information about this recording.