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Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
Angry Muse
ZDA 83
12-inch LP
1. Ballad Of Accounting (contemporary English) (appears on other albums)
2. Beans, Bacon and Gravy (American)
3. Epithalamium (English)
4. The Farmer Is The Man (American)
5. Grey October (contemporary English) (appears on other albums)
6. The Coal Owner and The Pitman's Wife (English) (appears on other albums)
7. Come Live With Me (contemporary English) (appears on other albums)
8. Fragments From Slavery Days (American)
9. Sit Down (American)
10. The Klan Song (American) (appears on other albums)
11. Fourloom Weaver (English) (appears on other albums)
12. China Rag
13. In Contempt (American) (appears on other albums)
14. Strike For Better Wages (English)
15. The Warming Pan
16. Rockabye Baby (English)
17. I am a Union Woman (American)
18. The Whig (English)
19. The Whigs Of Fife
20. Brother Did You Weep (English) (appears on other albums)
Peggy Seeger, guitar, English concertina, 5-string banjo and celeste
Jack Warshaw, guitar, 5-string banjo
Chorus: Denis Turner, Terry Yarnell, John Faulkner, Sandra Kerr

A selection of some British and American protest songs 1689 - 1968