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Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger
The Ballad Of John Axon
TSCD 801
1. John Axon Was A Railway Man...
2. It Was 4a.m. That Saturday...
3. Iron Road Road Is A Hard Road...
4. It Doesn't Matter Where You Come From...
5. Rain Was Gently Falling...
6. Come All You British Loco Men...
7. Repair Was Done...
8. I May Be a Wage Slave On Monday...
9. Come All You Young Maidens...
10. Steam Train Steam Train...
11. Under The Large Injector Steam-Valve...
12. Engine Had Reached The Distant Signal...
13. On The Third Of May 1957...
Singers: Isla Cameron, Fitzroy Coleman, Colin Dunn, Stan Kelly, Dick Loveless, A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Charles Mayo
Jim Bray: double bass
Terry Brown: trumpet
Bob Clark: fiddle
John Cole: harmonica
Fitzroy Coleman: guitar
Brian Daly: guitar
Alf Edwards: English concertina
Billy Loch: drums
Bob Mickleburgh: trombone
Peggy Seeger: guitar, mandolin, 5-string banjo
Bruce Turner: clarinet

A radio-ballad (no.1) about the railwaymen of England
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The Ballad Of John Axon (Argo DA 139)
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