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The Trooper And The Maid
Track appears on these albums:
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Volume II (Riverside RLP 12-623/624)
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Volume 3 (Washington WLP 717)
The Long Harvest, Vol. 10 (Camsco 704)
The Long Harvest, Vol. 10 (Argo DA 75)
Classic Scots Ballads (Tradition TLP 1015)
Classic Scots Ballads (Empire Musicwerks 0754)
Classic Scots Ballads (Tradition D17102)
Classic Scots Ballads (Transatlantic XTRA 1054)
A Lover's Garland (Prestige/International PR-INT 13061)
Ballads (Topic TSCD576D)
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