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The Critics Group
Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl
Two-Way Trip
FW 8755
12-inch LP
1. Waly, Waly
2. Richie Story (Child No. 232) (appears on other albums)
3. The Crafty Farmer (Child No. 283) (appears on other albums)
4. The Barring of the Door (Child No. 275)
5. Jenny Nettles
6. Old Lady All Skin and Bones
7. Tullochgorum
8. The Two Brothers (Child No. 49)
9. Just as the Time was Flowing
10. Jackaro
11. The Carrion Crow
12. Matty Groves (Child No. 81) (appears on other albums)
13. The Bartley Explosion
14. The Devil's Nine Questions (Child No. 1) (appears on other albums)

American, Scots and English folksongs
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