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Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger
The Body Blow
TSCD 805
1. Introduction (appears on other albums)
2. What Day Did The World Stop Moving?
3. Do You Recall How You Climbed The Mountains?
4. Can't Breathe...
5. I Often Think Back....
6. World Is A Bed....
7. I Wasn't Afraid While I Was In The Lung....
8. Well, First Of All...Appreciate The Situation...
9. While There's Life, There's Hope...
10. It's Goodbye Now...
11. How Can I Do All THe Small Things?
12. Stronger Than Pain Is The Human Will To Survive...
13. Closing Announcement/The Hidden Foe...
Singers: Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger
Alf Edwards: English concertina, ocarina
Alfie Kahn: flute, harmonica
Brian Daly: guitar
Peggy Seeger: guitar, 5-string banjo

A radio-ballad (no.5) about the psychology of pain
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