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Peggy Seeger
Different Therefore Equal
FW 8561
12-inch LP
1. What do You Do All Day? (appears on other albums)
2. Different Therefore Equal (appears on other albums)
3. Nine Month Blues (appears on other albums)
4. Little Girl Child (appears on other albums)
5. Reclaim the Night (appears on other albums)
6. Winnie and Sam (appears on other albums)
7. I'm Gonna Be an Engineer (appears on other albums)
8. Union Woman (appears on other albums)
9. Talking Matrimony Blues (appears on other albums)
10. Love for Love (appears on other albums)
Peggy Seeger: vocals, guitar, 5-string banjo, English concertina, bandolin
Calum MacColl: guitar, whistle, sticks
Neill MacColl: mandolin, guitar
Supporting vocals by Marylin Evans, Ewan MacColl, Pat MacKenzie, Sue Norwell, Robyn Selman

Contemporary Women's Songs

Reissue of the LP on Blackthorne: Different Therefore Equal
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Digital download (mp3 or lossless) or a custom CD is available from Smithsonian Folkways