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Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
Hot Blast
BR 1059
12-inch LP
1. Blast Against Blackguards (appears on other albums)
2. The Tenant Farmer (appears on other albums)
3. The Pay-Up Song (appears on other albums)
4. Emily (appears on other albums)
5. Cut-Price Hero (appears on other albums)
6. You and I (appears on other albums)
7. Legal Illegal (appears on other albums)
8. The Invader (appears on other albums)
9. Father's Song (appears on other albums)
10. White Wind (appears on other albums)
Ewan MacColl, vocals
Peggy Seeger, vocals, guitar, concertina
Calum MacColl, psaltery, guitar, 8-string dulcimer, bongo drums, tin whistle, kalimba
Neill MacColl, mandolin, guitar
Bruce Turner, clarinet
Jim Carroll, Kirsty MacColl, Pat MacKenzie, supporting vocals (10)

All songs (except "The Invader" by Peggy Seeger) were written by Ewan MacColl between September 1977 and February 1978;
Reissued on Folkways: Hot Blast and on Larrikin: Hot Blast
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