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Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
Blood And Roses, Vol.2
ESB 80
12-inch LP
1. Chylde Owlet (Child 291) (appears on other albums)
2. Sweet William's Ghost (Child 77) (appears on other albums)
3. The Fair Flower of Northumberland (Child 9) (appears on other albums)
4. The Laird o' Wariston (Child 194) (appears on other albums)
5. The Half-Hitch (Child 31) (appears on other albums)
6. Lady Diamond (Child 269) (appears on other albums)
7. Fair Janet (Child 64) (appears on other albums)
8. Child Maurice (Gil Morice, Child 83) (appears on other albums)
9. The Cruel Brother (Child 11) (appears on other albums)
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The reissue on CD is available from Camsco Music or from Peggy Seeger's website