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Various Artists
Unfortunate Rake
FS 3805
12-inch LP
1. The Unfortunate Rake - A. L. Lloyd and Alf Edwards (appears on other albums)
2. The Trooper Cut Down in His Prime - Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger (appears on other albums)
3. The Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime - Harry Cox
4. Noo I'm a Young Man Cut Down in My Prime - Willie Mathieson
5. The Bad Girl's Lament - Wade Hemsworth
6. One Morning in May - Hally Wood
7. Bright Summer Morning - Viola Penn
8. The Girl in the Dilger Case - D. K. Wilgus
9. The Cowboy's Lament - Bruce Buckley
10. Streets of Laredo - Harry Jackson
11. St. James Hospital - Alan Lomax
12. Gambler's Blues - Dave Van Ronk
13. I Once Was a Carman - Guthrie T. 'Gus' Meade
14. The Lineman's Hymn - Rosalie Sorrels
15. The Wild Lumberjack - Kenneth S. Goldstein
16. A Sun Valley Song - Jan Brunvand and Ellen Stekert
17. The Ballad of Bloody Thursday - John Greenway
18. Streets of Hamtramck - Bill Friedland, Mark Newman, and Morris Howarth
19. The Ballad of Sherman Wu - Pete Seeger
20. The Professor's Lament - Roger Abrahams

Different versions of the song "Unfortunate Rake", also known as "St.James Hospital", "Streets Of Laredo" and many other names
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