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Mike Seeger
The Second Annual Farewell Reunion
12-inch LP
1. Rye Straw
2. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
3. Texas Rangers
4. Jock Hawk's Adventures In Glasgow
5. Cindy
6. Blues In A Bottle
7. Snowdrop
8. Well May The World Go
9. I Am A Traveling Creature
10. You'll Find Her Name Written There
11. Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South
12. New Year's Eve Song
13. Careless Love
14. Old Smokey
15. You Are My Flower
16. Kill The Shanghai Rooster
Mike Seeger - vocal, banjo, bass, mandolin, fiddle, mouth harp, jew's harp, guitar, autoharp

Highwoods String Band:
Walt Koken - fiddle
Bob Potts - fiddle
Mac Benford - banjo
Doug Dorschug - guitar
Jenny Clelland - bass

New Lost City Ramblers:
Tracy Schwarz - resonator guitar
John Cohen - banjo-mandolin

Strange Creek Singers:
Hazel Dickens - vocal, string bass
Alice Gerrard - vocal, guitar
Tracy Schwarz - vocal

Ry Cooder - guitar
Peggy Seeger - vocal harmony, lead guitar
Ewan MacColl - vocal
Penny Cohen - dulcimer
David Rea - banjo
Pete Seeger - vocal, banjo
Maria D'Amato Muldaur - vocal, guitar
Elizabeth Cotten - lead guitar
Lesley Riddle - vocal, guitar
Roscoe Holcomb - vocal, banjo
Kilby Snow - autoharp
Tex Londan - fiddle
Don Stover - banjo
Eric Thompson - guitar

Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger sing track no.4