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Ewan MacColl and Dominic Behan
Streets Of Song
12-inch LP
1. Home, Family, Neighbors, Streets and Oaths (appears on other albums)
2. Singing Games and Ring Games (appears on other albums)
3. Skipping Rope, Bouncing Ball and Counting Rymes (appears on other albums)
4. Street Songs, Election Ditties, The Police, Prisons, Enemies , Jeers And Snobs (appears on other albums)
5. Songs and Ryhmes of the Seasons (appears on other albums)
6. Street Poetry, Nonsense Rymes, And Songs and Taunts (appears on other albums)
7. Night, Miscellaneous Street Songs, and the Day's End (appears on other albums)

Childhood Memories of City Streets From Glasgow, Salford and Dublin.
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The Singing Streets: Childhood Memories of Ireland and Scotland (Folkways FW08501)
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