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Various Artists
Folk Songs. Topic Sampler No 2
TPS 145
12-inch LP
1. Whip Jamboree - The Spinners
2. Hedgehog Pie - Johnny Handle
3. The Sailor Cut Down in his Prime - Stan Kelly
4. Fair Rosamund - Hedy West (appears on other albums)
5. Fourpence a Day - Ewan MacColl (appears on other albums)
6. Master McGrath - Dominic Behan
7. Buy Broom Besoms - Ian Campbell Folk Group (appears on other albums)
8. The Overlander - A.L. Lloyd
9. The Broom of Cowdenknowes - The Watersons (appears on other albums)
10. Rambleaway - Shirley Collins
11. Buck Dancer's Choice - Tom Paley
12. Night Visiting Song - Ray & Archie Fisher

Track 1 from The Spinners "Songs Spun in Liverpool" (TOP69, 1962)
Track 2 from "Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside" (12T122, 1965)
Track 3 from Stan Kelly "Liverpool Packet" (TOP27, 1958)
Track 4 from Hedy West "Old Times and Hard Times" (12T117)
Track 5 from Steam Whistle Ballads
Track 6 from Dominic Behan "Down by the Liffeyside. Irish Street Ballads" (12T35)
Track 7 from The Ian Campbell Folk Group "Ceilidh at the Crown" (TOP76, 1962)
Track 8 from The A.L. Lloyd "Outback Ballads. Songs from the Australian Bush and Outback" (12T51, 1960)
Track 9 from "New Voices" (12T125, 1965)
Track 10 from Shirley Collins "Heroes in Love" (TOP95, 1963)
Track 11 from Peggy Seeger and Tom Paley "Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?" (12T113, 1964)
Track 12 from Ray & Archie Fisher "Far Over the Forth" (TOP67)
Thanks to Reinhard Zierke for the information from his extensive A.L.Lloyd's discography.